Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Too much of a good thing?

Some say you can never have too much of a good thing.  But do they say that when a large bottle of fragrance oil has arrived at your home broken, the box and its contents are completely soaked, and the scent of Sugar Plum Fairy is wafting throughout the neighborhood?  I was so excited yesterday when I arrived home from work to see my box from Brambleberry sitting there.  But as I pulled in closer, I could see half of the cardboard box was actually soaked through.  My excitement quickly changed to nervousness.  Fearing the entire shipment (containing several bottles of oils) was destroyed, I carefully opened the box outside to find out what happened.  Thank goodness it was only the one bottle that was broken and not the others.  However, the resulting spill resulted in quite a sticky, stinky mess!  I must imagine the package handler was happy to get that box out of his truck.  After washing all the bottles and containers, and hosing down the back porch, everything was clean but the bees were flying around looking for this big sweet smell that was EVERYWHERE! On the bright side, I'm sure the fragrance our yard was emitting was much more pleasant than the time we put down corn gluten meal throughout our yard, which after a few days didn't smell much better than a manure farm during summer.

I must also note how great the staff of Brambleberry is.  I called to let them know what happened and they are sending out a replacement right away. I'm glad to do business with such a wonderful company!

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