Thursday, June 16, 2011

Old Lime Soap

Old Lyme, Connecticut is a quaint shoreline town that holds a lot of memories for me. Although I was pretty young at the time, I remember several family outings to a cottage we rented in Old Lyme. We shared the cottage with another family that lived on our street, and the time spent in the cottage was fun and carefree. Kids running everywhere, cookouts on the beach, and sand in everything. My most vivid memory, however, was running up from the water towards my mom and dad with a giant crab hanging from my big toe! It had latched on and was not about to let go :) Someone (mom, dad) detached the crab from my toe, but boy did that thing really tear through the skin! I can't think of Old Lyme without thinking of the happy time we spent together is our little rental cottage.  My Old Lime soap is tribute to those memories. This soap has a wonderful, sweet and zesty lime scent with lots of green swirls.

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