Wednesday, November 9, 2011

First craft show

Wow, it has been a while since I've blogged.  Things got busy! The new school semester started in September and my courses have been keeping me pretty well chained to a textbook, calculator and computer.  Throw a craft show and a freak October snowstorm into the mix and that pretty much brings us to today.

We did our first craft show mid-October. Could I have chosen a larger show to do? It was a 2 day, outdoor event with 30,000 people coming.  Sales were so-so but we broke even, not bad considering that most of the vendors around us said they did terrible.  Other items of interest: the mud and deep fried pickles!

Several days before the show, it just rained continuously, resulting in a huge mud pit at the show.  Cars were getting stuck during set up, and the highlight came when the truck carrying hay (to help soak up the mud) got stuck in the mud! I had pictures of this, but unfortunately the computer containing the photos has crashed.

Our location at the show was a good one - facing all the food.  We were directly facing the deep fried pickle stand all day...we eventually caved. While our vendor-neighbors refused the try them, they actually weren't that bad.  Let's just say we all did a lot of eating that weekend!

More to come soon...

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